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Pazirik Ltd. founded in the spring of 2006, is an IT company that has been involved in a variety of activities. It has participated, and is currently engaged in a number of complex and demanding tender projects.

In addition to other services, the company provides full-service image design, scientific 3D historical reconstructions, 3D visual design of exhibitions and developments, design and programming of interactive multimedia exhibition materials and mobile applications, complex geospatial processing, research database design and development, 3D printing and construction of historical models, publication design and complementary and reinforcing coordination of these solutions.

Multifaceted exhibition arrangements covering entire processes, integrating the latest achievements and research results of information technology into the lives of everyday users means the continuous involvement of information technology, graphics, 3D virtual world, the geographic information system and specialists of many related fields into the company’s activities.


3D reconstruction

See the invisible!
Historical theoretical reconstructions from the creation of professional materials to the production of photos, films, animations, and interactive content.
Let’s create together.


Exhibition design

Dream the future!
Complex graphic design, prepress and full-scale implementation of exhibitions and corporate identity. Let’s develop fresh, unique and innovative visual worlds together.


Film and animation

Make the film of your life!
Designing films, documentaries and animation, writing of scripts and screenplays, and complete film production. Let’s educate together through the films that we make.


Graphic design

The visuals we dream up together.
Assessment, design, prepress and full production of graphic concepts. Get the message across!


Software development

We offer custom software solutions.
System and graphic design, development and operation of multimedia content.
We teach through play.



A virtual world brought to life.
Design, visual design, construction and on-site installation of custom models using cutting-edge technology. Feel the invisible!

The origin of the name Pazirik

The name of our company was inspired by our passion for and interest in history.

The Pazyryk culture was introduced to the world relatively late: the first tombs were excavated in the early 20th century by the Russian archaeologist Sergei Ivanovich Rudenko.

The world-famous site of Pazyryk is located amid the western part of the Altai Mountains, near the Ukok Plateau, northwest of the Ob River headwaters in Russia, close to the Russian-Chinese-Mongolian-and Kazakh border.

The term Altai might be interpreted as meaning colourful, multicoloured mountains. The ethnic diversity of the landscape has traditionally reflected the uniqueness of each valley. It has been inhabited from the earliest times: it was here that one of the most remarkable Palaeolithic anthropological discoveries of recent times, a handful of bones belonging to a hitherto unidentified member of the Hominina subtribe, was unearthed and has since gained worldwide acclaim. The Altai, however, has yielded other astounding discoveries to the globe: the remains of the Scythian people. The local group of this vast Eurasian cultural sphere is known as the Pazyryk culture, after the site where the first Scythian princely burials, perfectly preserved in the permafrost, were discovered by Russian archaeologists in the 1920s, dating from between the 6th and the 3rd centuries BC. We are not discussing the realm of permanent ice, but rather an inexplicable occurrence in which a block of ice forms at a particular depth within a stone-lined, kurgan-covered tomb. These blocks of ice have preserved the burials of the Pazyryk culture for some 2500 years. The dead were buried, in many cases alongside carts and horses, in spacious wooden chambers ‘made cosy’ by felt carpets decorated with colourful scenes.

In the 1990s, after a lengthy pause, archaeologists in Novosibirsk, who had been exploring the Ukok Plateau for years, managed to unearth new finds. This is where they discovered the tomb of a wealthy woman dubbed the “Ukok princess”. One of her most prominent features is the tattooing, which has been excellently preserved thanks to her being mummified. On both of her arms and a few of her knuckles, blue paint was used to depict panthers, rams, deer, and a variety of other fantastic creatures combining different body parts of real animals. The tattoos were discovered when the bones of the princess, who had been exhumed from the ice 19 years earlier, were going to be taken to Gorno-Altaysk, the capital (and only city) of the Republic of Altai, to be laid to rest in a glass sarcophagus.

Nonetheless, Polosmak argues that tattoos at that time functioned as a kind of identity card, similar to passports. “The Pazyryk people believed that tattoos would aid them in crossing over to the afterlife, where family members would find each other more easily,” the archaeologist explained.

This is where the logo of Pazirik LLC., which depicts such a “fantastic” creature, originates as well.

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The team

Managing Director

 Managing Director

General Director

Project Director

IVETT Bősz-Schaff
Project Manager

BALÁZS Szakonyi
Creative Director

GÁBOR Eperjesi
 Graphic Designer | Illustrator

DÓRA KATA Jakobovics

● Graphic Designer | Illustrator

RAJMUND Hasenauer
Graphic Designer

LILI Pethő
● Graphic Designer

DÁVID Pusztai
Graphic Designer

Software Developer

Graphic Designer | UI Designer

TIBOR Paróczy
● Software Developer

Software Developer | System Administrator

ZSOLT Sebestyén
● Software Developer

● 3D Graphic Designer

GÁBOR Menyhárt
● 3D Graphic Designer

ZSOLT Mihályi
● 3D Graphic Designer

 Video Editor | Cameraman

 Video Editor | Cameraman | Animator

The real heroes of work

Our favourites

Deputy Managing Director

Szotyi, also known as Szotyola, is the oldest deputy managing director in the company. Among his primary responsibilities are greeting company visitors, maintaining the courtyard and plants, and evaluating the softness of the office carpet and sofas (regularly, at least 3 times a week). Feel free to look up Szotyi if you are in the office.

The deputy of the Deputy Managing Director

Bella is the younger heir to the throne. She is Junior in her position as the company’s Deputy Managing Director. Yet, she already exhibits individual traits such as the ability to efficiently manage administrative matters, to continuously inspect and maintain employee footwear, and to keep track of meetings. 

 Junior Graphic Designer

Mátyás, known as “Matyi” to his friends and coworkers, is the youngest graphic designer in our team. He is so dedicated to his profession that he even uses a portable toilet set up next to his desk so he can spend as much time as possible on his workflow. He enjoys drawing inspiration from the view outside or from the corners of his colleagues’ desks. He is not afraid to keep his innovative ideas to himself.

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