The force of gunpowder

Our short film titled The force of gunpowder has been created for the permanent exhibition titled Muster of arms interactive exhibition from the Péterváry collection. The aim of the film is to
demonstrate the operation of fire arms with the help of modern technological tools, and to show their impact force in a pictoresque way through ballistic tests. We did the shooting at the firing range of Dorog in controlled circumstances an in possession of legal permits, with the help of professional reenactors. The script for the film was created by József Kelenik, the experts present were József Kelenik and Bálint Morlin. The marksmen were Tamás Deák with a musket, Máre Temporis Foundation, Bálint Morlin with the matchlock pistol and the arquebus, Máre Temporis Foundation, Attila Vilmek, hand culverin, Egri Vitézlő Oskola.

  • Client

    István Dobó Castle Museum

Open Project

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