Fountain from the ornamental garden of the royal palace at Visegrád from the time of Louis I

The water conduit system of the royal palace of Visegrád and the numerous water fountains connecting to it were constructed in the time of King Sigismund, and are unique historical monuments. From that era we know of four such fountains. The free standing fountains from the Sigismund era can be classified into three types, fountains with basins, fountains with bowls and ones with both. These types are all of antique origin. The fountain at Visegrád is one with a bowl. A numismatic discovery proved that the building period of the fountain can be assumed around the second half of the 1350s or the first half of the 1360s. The reconstruction model was created with the professional help of Gergely Buzás. It has been 3D printed, assembled and hand painted, and it can be seen in the Solomon tower at Visegrád.

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    MNM King Mátyás Museum

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