Fields & woods, reeds and rills storybook

“This magical story takes place far, far away and just as long ago, somewhere in a vast land where emerald-green rivers flow through endless steppes. Between two worlds, in the realm of dreams, a lost little girl is trying to find her way back to her family, hanging onto her memories. This gentle story guides us through the mythical world of the nomadic ancestors of Hungarians, and shows us how immensely important remembrance is.”

A storybook by Balázs Szakonyi, illustrated by him and his wife Csenge Kiss. The book was written for children over the age of 5, guiding the reader into the world of the steppe nomads, in which the traditions of the steppe folktales echo. The publication was published by Pazirik Ltd. and can only be ordered from us. You can inquire at the email address, both postal delivery and personal collection in Pécs are also available. So far only the Hungarian edition is available, but an English edition under way also.



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