Virtual panorama controlled by a hajduk rifle

We were commissioned to create the virtual scene seen from the walls of the brick castle toward the outer courtyard of Gyula castle as a spherical panorama application by the Erkel Ferenc Kulturális Központ és Múzeum Nonprofit Ltd. in the framework of the Kubinyi Ágoston programme. The installation designed by Technical director János Temesváry, has been placed in a gun slit on the wall of a room. With the help of it, the viewers can see the same scene we can see through the window slit, but in a virtual past state of 1566, with moving characters filmed in front of a green screen. The angle of view can be changed by rotating a 17th century rifle replica, targeting the more important landmarks captions appear informing the viewer about what is targeted.

  • Client

    Erkel Ferenc Cultural Center and Museum Nonprofit Kft.

Open Project

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