University of Pécs mediaeval classroom film

For the 650th anniversary of the founding of the University of Pécs in 1367, a built reconstruction of a mediaeval classroom (studium generale) and an exhibition based on interactive elements complementing it has been created. The classroom reconstruction was created by Zsófia Lukács, the theoretical reconstruction of Pécs in 1367 and the text was created by Gergely Buzás. The text of the animated short film has been written by Szabolcs Varga and Gergely Buzás. We have created an animated short film displaying the early history of the university, one interactive application and two unique illuminated pageants with artwork and a large scale information pageant for the exhibition. The mediaeval room can be visited at the PTE Univerity of Law Nr.10 seminar room according to preceding registration.

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    University of Pécs

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